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Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning
Every new church starts with a plan for reaching its community. That is why most new churches grow. But over time every community changes, and as a result, the outreach plan that worked so well when the church started may no longer be working.

Mike Carlisle, Director of Missions for San Diego Southern Baptist Association works with churches to help them develop new plans for reaching their communities. "Planning for a church's next level of ministry starts with a recognition that others made sacrifices in the past, so we could be here today. They sacrificed for us, now it is our turn to sacrifice for others. Then every church must ask, "Where are we going next" We still want to reach our community for Christ, but the community has changed, so how are we going to change our methods to reach them?'"

One church who has worked through this process is Pacific Breeze Church, formerly First Baptist Church of Carlsbad. Stan Gold, Pastor of Pacific Breeze says, "It's a stewardship responsibility. The goal is to maintain a presence in the community and grow His Kingdom, not our kingdoms. We decided that good stewardship required us to merge our small congregation with another larger congregation, so we could better reach our community."

Stan is leading his church to merge their membership with New Song Community Church of Oceanside. The property of Pacific Breeze Church will provide a new campus for the New Song congregation. The members of Sea Breeze will become a part of that new congregation.

Every congregation is different, so every legacy plan will be different as well. But, just as every natural family needs a clear, well documented estate plan, every church family needs a clear, well documented legacy plan.

If your church would like to pursue a legacy plan call your local Director of Missions or the California Southern Baptist Convention office in Fresno. Our primary role at the Foundation is assisting with amending articles or bylaws, or other related legacy planning documentation. Call us if you would like to learn more.